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The Rushmoor Development Partnership (RDP) brings together Rushmoor Borough Council and development partner, Hill Investment Partnership Ltd, to deliver major regeneration schemes across the borough. 

Created in November 2018, the RDP’s aim is to support delivery of the Council’s ambitious borough-wide regeneration programme, ‘Regenerating Rushmoor’. 

The Council’s ‘Regenerating Rushmoor’ programme is a comprehensive partner co-ordinated approach to addressing the regeneration and placemaking challenges facing the borough’s key towns of Aldershot and Farnborough; while also seeking to achieve borough-wide economic growth. It directly addresses the priorities in the Council plan of ‘Sustaining a thriving economy and boosting business’ and ‘Supporting and empowering our communities and meeting local needs’. 

The RDP is committed to supporting the Council’s ambitious regeneration plans, which seeks to build on existing assets and create distinctive, mixed-use town centres with a high-quality retail, leisure, cultural, employment and housing offer. The RDP will also identify opportunities to develop long term income generating assets for the Council.

The partnership has allowed the Council to bring in substantial private-sector experience to help drive forward the regeneration programme, which is particularly important for the more complex town centre sites.

The RDP will work closely with residents and a broad range of partners to ensure that the towns become unique places, which contribute positively to economic growth and encourage continued investment. 

The RDP’s Objectives

The key objectives of the RDP are to deliver growth and regeneration by the acquisition, marketing, investment in and disposal or retention for income of certain sites owned by the Council and/or third parties which will:

  • Build on the sub-regional positions of Aldershot and Farnborough as a shopping destinations , diversifying their offer and developing complementary leisure, restaurant, cultural and arts offers within an attractive environment;
  • Make a positive contribution to the economic role and function of the Aldershot and Farnborough town centres as places where businesses provide quality employment and opportunities;
  • Make Aldershot and Farnborough town centres great places to live with a wide variety of quality new homes attractive to a diverse range of people;
  • Maximise financial return through enhanced asset value;
  • Achieve targeted area development; and 
  • Procure a return to the Investment Partners commensurate to their investment and the level of risk in respect to such investment and so far as consistent with the overall objectives. 

Rushmoor Borough Council serves the communities of Aldershot and Farnborough on the Hampshire/Surrey border.

Both towns enjoy a high-profile reputation – Aldershot as the historic home of the British army and Farnborough as the cradle of British aviation and venue for the world-famous Farnborough International Airshow.

The council provides more than 100 core, local services to more than 95,000 residents, including household rubbish and recycling collections; parks, playgrounds, open spaces and leisure facilities; licensing; planning; environmental health services; supporting those in need; and working with communities to help people improve their lives.

It also plays a broader role as a community leader, as reflected in its vision for Aldershot and Farnborough 2030, created following widespread engagement with local people, businesses, community and partner organisations.

This vision sets out six key ambitions, which focus on creating vibrant and distinctive town centres, quality homes, strong communities, healthy and green lifestyles, a strong local economy and opportunities for all.

Find out more at www.rushmoor.gov.uk

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Hill is one of the leading developers in London and the south east of England, delivering distinctive and award winning new homes. We are a 5 star housebuilder, and were named Housebuilder of the Year, medium and large, in 2018.

Across our 20 year history, our family owned and operated company has grown to establish itself as the UK’s third largest privately owned housebuilder, with an impressive and diverse portfolio ranging from landmark mixed use regeneration schemes and luxurious inner-city apartments to modern rural developments. 

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